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HUMANS without walls

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Join us 2nd Saturdays at Public House in Historic Springfield

4th & A Streets

10a  – Public House



Join us every Sunday for friendly all levels flow.

488 Lincoln St

Sundays – 10:30a – Oregon Wine LAB




Yoga + Mimosa


POPUP Studio

Life doesn’t belong in the gym. We do it in art galleries, beer halls, wineries & more. Our unique classes are fitness, fun & low pressure. Join a Yoga+ class today.

YWW 2019

Yoga Without Walls. Take it outside in the best time of the year. We create human movement events in parks, on patios & paddleboards, and beyond.


Four Amazing Yoga+ Events in the heart of Downtown Eugene. Free & open to all! Check out our Downtown Program Fund Yoga for Every Body this Summer!


the Studio

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