Participating in a yoga class with fellow team members is a wonderful experience. We are all growing in our abilities, both physical and mental, through a shared experience. The focus on breathing, stilling the mind, and strengthening our bodies helps us live better lives throughout the week.

Christi Shaw Yoga

Christi S.

HR Manager, SELCO

I have to give a shout out Benjamin! ... I told him I'd been experiencing shoulder pain for a number of months and was getting sharp pain at certain points in my mobility arc when I raised my arm. He took me through a shoulder focused session and I went home.

Tuesday evening when I put on my pajamas... I took a breath and raised my arms to take my shirt off and.... NO PAIN!! I couldn't believe it. The difference was dramatic.

Jennifer P.

Private Lesson

He was, hands-down, the best youth yoga instructor I've seen!


Instructor, Nearby Nature

Being relatively new to yoga, I felt a little intimidated dropping in on a class but I figured yoga at Oregon Wine Lab couldn't be that scary. I showed up that Sunday in April and have gone almost every Sunday since. Stop, Drop and Yoga's teachers do an amazing job of teaching by allowing us to grow our practice at our own pace.

Erika D.

Assistant Controller, SELCO

"...down to earth and caters to our needs."


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