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Stop Drop & Yoga believes yoga can happen anywhere, anytime, with anyone.
Here’s just a few ways we help humans become better through yoga.

Corporate Mindfulness

For Teams of All Sizes

Morning Motivations, Lunchtime Meditations, Mindful Happy Hours. We help organizations grow by helping their people grow.

Custom Yoga Classes

For Specific Populations

Senior Care, School, Gym or Workplace, we provide yoga tailored to the unique needs of your people.

Pop-Up Classes

Wherever the desire exists

Cafe, Rooftop, Vineyard, and Park; Beer Yoga, Trail Yoga, Cat Yoga, and more.

Private Instruction

Yoga As Unique As You

There’s no one like you. And, that means we’d love to design a custom yoga curriculum for your body and mind.


YOGA and Beyond

Whether its integrating yoga into your team’s retreat or facilitating a destination yoga relaxation experience, we help build off-site mindfulness experiences.

Start On The Path To Wellness Today

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