If there’s room to stand & stretch, there’s room for yoga! The practice of yoga is becoming increasingly combined with the things we already love to do!

Yoga at the LAB

Refreshment and Recharge

We partner with Oregon Wine LAB on Sundays for all levels of fun: yoga, mimosa and brunch!

Sunset “Rooftop” Yoga

Experience More Beauty

Taking our practice to outdoor places to experience the amazing beauty on offer in Oregon.

Community Partners

Collaboration in Wellness

Working with Eugene Sunday Streets, the Whiteaker Market and more to bring yoga to all people.

Float & Flow

Yoga and Paddleboarding

Finding your center, on the water.  A playful challenge and immensely relaxing practice.

Hike and Yoga

Function for your Fitness

Enhance your appreciation of outdoor pursuits with calming tools and specially designed complimentary training.

All Your Passions

Yoga is Everywhere

Bringing yoga and mindfulness into all your passions is a better way to experience what is already right in front of you.

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We create lasting memories with yoga.