Inspired by the opportunity to share a meal and an honest conversation about integrity, discipline & finding your voice. Join us FEB 23-25 to dive deeper into yoga as a practice & a lifestyle.


Humble. Warrior.  

Shed the expectations of others and explore freely what it means for you to be you.  We will spend the weekend finding our honest integrity, exploring the best and more difficult sides of our body, mind & spirit.

Movement & Practice

Strong & silent equals masculinity no more than flexible & graceful equates to yoga.  We'll work deep through innate movement to reawaken our connection with what it means to identify as male and share a male voice in an industry that is commonly dominated and led by women identified.

Through classes, workshops & discussions we'll explore posture, mechanics, injury, and prevention in the male body.  How does physical fitness integrate with other areas of our lives, as we learn to craft the practice of a lifetime.



What does it mean to create mindful, intentional and nourishing meals?  How do we fuel the body to perform in a wholistic and constructive way?  We'll bring intentional meal preparation, discussion about nutrition and how that factors into our yoga practice as a whole.


How do you meditate?   Do you even call it meditation?  

What are the best methods and gateways for going within and finding space?  How does a male perspective influence and create mindfulness in contrast or compliment to expectations & standards for our gender?  We'll guide the weekend through intentional, reflective meditation to provide you with insights and tools to walk away with a stronger, more honest meditation practice.


This retreat is designed for all those who identify with the male gender.  We are looking to connect with, explore and express our male identity as it relates to a mindful, diverse & complex yoga practice.  If you have any questions, please feel free to reach out via email.

The retreat is hosted at the wonderful Horse Creek Lodge in McKenzie Bridge, Oregon.  Their beautiful property includes acres of wilderness, nestled into Horse Creek.  Each student has their own bed in shared accommodation, a limited number of private rooms are available at a higher rate.

For more about Horse Creek Lodge, click here.

We will be communally preparing and sharing nutritious, wholesome real food together.  These meals are designed to fuel you for an emotionally intense and physically rigorous weekend.  Those who have specific dietary requirement are encouraged to share with us in the retreat application.  Meal costs, including snacks, are included from Friday dinner through Sunday at lunch.  Each living space has a full kitchen for storage and preparation of food.  More details can be provided upon application.

As part of celebrating our environment, we intend to spend time outside each day.  Please bring clothing appropriate for cold & wet Oregon Winters.  If it allows, we will visit Terwilliger Hot Springs.  If you'd like to bring a bathing suit, you're welcome to.  In short, please be prepared for adventure, both inward and in the great outdoors.

Horse Creek Lodge




Shared Rooms
Shared Bath
All Meals

Horse Creek Lodge




Private Room
Shared Bath
All Meals

Benjamin Wilkinson

Benjamin leads with the only emotion he knows, passion. In creating STOP DROP & YOGA he desires to empower embodied structural exploration of our capacity as humans to change. He believes that wellness stretches beyond the borders of our physical and mental health, into our families, workplaces and communities. At the same time, Benjamin exists to demystify “Wellness” for every person, empowering everyone to discover deeper unity in bodies, minds and breath. After beginning his career in people management, Benjamin discovered the simple and beautiful concepts of mindfulness though yoga asana and meditation. Following 500 and 200 hr Yoga Alliance certified yoga teacher trainings, he created STOP DROP & YOGA LLC, and her sister company, Cascadia Wellness Solutions

Matthew Tarnoff

Concept Engineer, EMPTY_OGA
Matthew is dedicated. Dedicated at everything. He is an avid Ashtanga Yoga practitioner, industrial engineer, father & family man, and philosopher. He is inspired to explore injury, rehabilitation and prevention in the body as it grows into an increasingly deeper and rewarding eight limbed yoga practice.

Skye Nacel

Skye is a mover and that means not just fitness but all realms from physical labor to surfer, mountain biker, drummer to lifelong student and guinea pig of the human body's potential in many realms. Skye is a MovNat Level 2 Certified Trainer, A PMBIA certified MTB coach and guide and is Wilderness First Aid certified to back up his two decades of working with people in the outdoors, from youth camps to boot camps. He has taught and hosted workshops and seminars from Boston to Oregon and everywhere in between. He also works seasonally as a professional MTB trail builder where he puts his body to the test each and everyday.